Coal has been the mainstay of India’s energy supply and electricity generation for many decades. However, this is likely to change rapidly in the coming years due to various factors such as changing economics, its role in climate change causing GHG emissions and increasing concerns around local social and environmental issues associated with the mining and use of coal. In this context Prayas works on the following issues around coal and coal- based electricity generation:

  • Planning and investing in coal and coal-based generation to avoid resource lock-ins and stranded assets
  • The multiple issues surrounding a just transition away from coal, including issues around livelihoods, ecological restoration, human development, physical and social infrastructure and state revenues
  • Governance processes and institutional aspects related to the coal and thermal generation sectors

On all these topics, Prayas undertakes analytically rigorous research, resulting in papers, reports, articles and so on. Prayas also disseminates and shares its findings from such research through events, meetings and other platforms, and uses its research to inform policy formulation in the sector.