India’s energy demand is expected to grow substantially, driven primarily by further industrialization and urbanization. Our focus is to ensure that this energy demand meets genuine needs for human and economic development in an efficient manner. Our work on this theme has two objectives. The first objective is to enable the use of modern energy sources by everyone in India for enhancing livelihood and well-being, beyond just the basic needs. This requires a universal, reliable, affordable, and adequate access to these energy sources. The second related objective is to avoid wasteful energy consumption.

We have adopted a two-pronged approach towards these interrelated objectives. One part of our work focuses on developing insights into the patterns and trends of energy use technologies and behaviour in agriculture, buildings, industry, and transport sectors. We do this using surveys (both qualitative and quantitative), on-site energy measurements, and bottom-up energy modelling. We then use the insights to inform and design innovative policy and regulatory solutions aimed at improving energy access and energy efficiency. We also actively engage to strengthen different institutions involved in implementation of policies and programmes on the same.