Energy is a crucial input to human development in India, which is characterised by low per- capita consumption of modern energy forms. Energy sector policies have significant social, environmental and economic implications. Moreover, the energy sector in India is going through a period of fairly rapid transition driven by economics and the imperative of combating climate change.

In this context, formulating policies for energy and allied sectors requires taking a comprehensive approach that considers all its various relevant dimensions. Prayas strives to provide inputs to energy and climate policy making in the country by adopting such a multi- dimensional and comprehensive approach that considers the various social and environmental aspects of such policies, and in particular, the interests of the most vulnerable in society.

Some indicative topics that Prayas works on under this focus area include implications of the energy transition on public revenues, policy levers that enable a transition to a low-carbon future while factoring in developmental imperatives and institutional structures and processes to enable the energy transition in an equitable and just manner. It will use the findings from its research to inform energy policy formulation, and to build discourse around important issues.