The electricity sector is poised to undergo significant changes due to declining solar, wind and storage prices and the push to reduce local and global emissions. These are accompanied by increasing electrification of energy intensive sectors such as transport and industry. In future, other energy forms such as hydrogen may gain prominence.

Simultaneously, energy demand patterns are expected to change over the years due to increased use of energy to improve quality of living standards and employment opportunities, switch to cleaner burning fuels in households, changing consumer preferences, increasing distributed generation, digitalisation initiatives such as rollout of smart meters, and a policy push to increase domestic manufacturing.

Given the complexity of, and interplay between, different changes and uncertainties involved, Prayas has been working on scenario-based models to better understand these trends, to analyse impact of proposed policies and regulations, with the objective of informing policy to achieve normative goals. These models include:

  • a utility financial model called RATE
  • power sector models at state and national level based on the GridPath platform, and
  • an energy-systems modelling platform called Rumi, and an India model called PIER based on the platform.

We will continue working on these and other models to address policy-relevant questions for India’s energy transition.

Data plays a significant role in enabling informed decision making in policy, regulation and businesses, particularly in a sector as complex as the energy sector. Public availability dissemination of comprehensive, accurate, reliable and timely data improves transparency and better allows the general public to participate more effectively and constructively in the sector and its policy formulation. At Prayas, we have been working closely with the NITI Aayog and data agencies under the various energy ministries to improve energy data management in India since 2013. One of these efforts is the development of the India Energy Dashboards hosted by NITI Aayog, where India's energy data is made available in one place through interactive charts. In addition, an RE data portal is hosted on Prayas website and updated on a regular basis. We will continue to work in this area as opportunities arise.