Electricity sector is a key infrastructure sector for India. It plays a major role in equitable and sustainable development. Prayas Energy Group has been working on Electricity Generation and Supply from 1994. We strive to influence the regulatory and governance processes in the grid based electricity generation and supply sector to protect and promote broader public interest.

Prayas Energy Group works with the policy makers, utilities, regulators and civil society organisations in the sector. With a pro-active approach, we point out gross inefficiencies, suggest innovative alternatives and work on capacity building. Our efforts are towards democratising the sector by expanding spaces for Transparency, Accountability and informed Participation (TAP) in the sector and catalysing strategic use such spaces for protection and promotion of public interest. Prayas Energy Group has a long history of working in the Maharashtra state and at the national level with the electricity regulatory commissions, electricity companies, policy makers and civil society groups. We also work with organisations in a few other States and at the international level, we collaborate with civil society groups to promote capacity building towards improving sector governance.

Along with issues related to governance and TAP, our regulatory and policy engagements cover issues such as capacity addition and power purchase agreements; tariff determination; capital expenditure in the transmission and distribution sector; service delivery to the poor, un-electrified and small consumers; and issues related to privatisation, competition and market in the electricity sector.

With all these efforts, our hope is that electricity sector will have greater economic and resource efficiency and affordable, quality electricity supply will be available to all, in a sustainable fashion. By meeting the productive needs and quality of life needs, electricity can thus play a significant catalytic role in sustainable and equitable development.