The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission sought public comments on the draft State Grid Code,2020. The State Grid Code is being revised after 14 years and the proposed amendments are comprehensive and account for recent trends in the electricity sector. Our comments and suggestions on the draft regulations and the accompanying explanatory memorandum focus on:

  • Ensuring more clarity regarding key concepts and processes related of load estimation and planning
  • Consideration of renewable energy specific trends and features in key amendments, processes and planning 
  • Consideration of long term trajectories for renewable energy capacity addition to enable planning
  • Enabling sale of unrequisitioned power
  • Role of the SLDC and its powers
  • Extensive use of data and power system modelling tools to aid planning
  • Tracking of delays and project execution milestones to ensure effective planning
  • Increasing transparency and ensuring public consultation for several processes

The explanatory memorandum as well as the draft grid code is attached along with our submission below.