Considering the existing transmission network of over 4,72,345 circuit km (220 kV and above voltage level) as on May, 2023, reconductoring of existing transmission lines with high-capacity, high-performance conductors can preserve the right of way (RoW) and increase transmission capacity of a line at lower costs and lower gestation periods.

CEA’s initiative to identify implementation modalities for reconductoring the transmission lines in the ISTS network is very timely and extremely important given the expected growth in transmission capacity in the coming years. According to Powergrid, the sectoral outlook for transmission includes investment of ₹ 1,90,000 cr in ISTS, ₹ 1,96,000 cr in InSTS and ~ ₹ 20,000 cr for cross border integration by 2030. This translates to roughly ₹ 60,000 cr/year, each year for the next seven years. 

The paper covers planning of reconductoring, approval and mode of implementation. Our suggestions in this regard are broadly as follows:

  1. Broad potential of reconductoring appears quite high
  2. Establish Working Group / Committee under CEA/CTU with wider stakeholder representation including STUs, Industry, ERCs
  3. Start with pilot projects under the RTM route
  4. Regulatory acknowledgement/approval for reconductoring

The detailed submission can be found under download section of the page.