Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission issued draft KERC (Promotion of Energy from Renewable Sources) (8th Amendment) Regulation, 2022 on 20th April 2022 and asked for public comments by 12th May 2022. The proposed regulation has provided a RPO trajectory for 2022-30 for obligated entities and comes at the backdrop of record-low solar and wind tariffs and when the country is aggressively targeting renewable capacity addition to meet the 500 GW non-fossil fuel capacity target by 2030. 

Keeping the changing scenario in mind, PEG has broadly commented on the following aspects:

  • Reconsider the classification of Solar and non-solar RPO targets
  • Higher RPO trajectory possible by 2030
  • Need for detailed power sector dispatch modelling and associated Storage Purchase Obligation (SPO) Trajectory
  • RPO Compliance through GTAM and GDAM
  • Consider proposing separate solar RPO targets to be fulfilled through KUSUM scheme projects in the state
  • No need for Hydro Purchase Obligation
  • Provisions related to RPO compliance process
  • Data reporting and monitoring
  • Penalty provisions
  • Doing away with Pooled Cost of Power Purchase for REC projects