Prayas (Energy Group) was invited to be part of the committee on Energy Data Management set up by NITI Aayog. This committee was formed as part of an India-US strategic partnership, under the Sustainable Growth pillar and aimed to:

  • Standardise the definitions, terminologies and calculation methodology of all the key parameters in the energy sector so that reporting of data is uniform;
  • Arrive at uniform values of standard data including Gross Calorific Value, etc.
  • Standarize methodologies for data collection, data quality, validation, survey design methodologies, etc. and their reporting
  • Study and make suggestions for setting up of a centralised data agency in India

PEG provided significant inputs to the committee and contributed to the final report. The report based on detailed deliberations of the committee can also be accessed on the NITI Aayog website. The committee details and final report are also accessible from this page.