A lot of information is provided by utilities during the tariff determination process which aids decision making. In fact, tariff orders and petitions are among the few comprehensive, regularly updated sources of information on the state power sector, especially for distribution companies (DISCOMs). Information provided here helps various consumer groups, researchers, civil society organisations, central and state governments, banks, and investors gain crucial insights on issues that affect the sector.

However, a substantial amount of crucial information is not captured in tariff orders and petitions. This is particularly true for emerging trends such as the recent increase in surplus power, sales migration of cross-subsiding consumers, rapid progress under various electrification schemes and increased procurement of renewable energy. Additionally, data on the extent of the short-term liabilities of DISCOMs and information on coal quality, availability and transportation costs is also not available in many states.

This report documents information formats available across states for crucial cost and performance parameters and suggests formats for providing vital information necessary for decision making. These formats can be easily adapted by SERCs for the upcoming tariff process. Further, they can be used to ensure uniform processes for collection and regular reporting of information across states. This can aid inter-state comparisons and also enable agile and appropriate policy responses.

The report is available  in the link below. All the formats suggested in the report are reproduced in the spreadsheet below.