Energy data is a critical enabler for policy makers and the research community in formulating and analyzing energy policies. National energy data systems need to be robust and efficient in delivering such energy data useful for research and policy formulation.

In a previous report by Prayas on India's Energy Data Management (EDM) systems, it was pointed out that data is largely collected for administrative purposes, that there is weak mandate and capacity to disseminate quality data, and hence many gaps exist.

In this report we undertake a deeper investigation of public dissemination of energy sector data in India, compare this with what should ideally be available and contrast with international best practices. We look at data gaps on the supply side and important sub-sectors on the demand side.

The intended audiences of this report are data agencies within various ministries under Government of India (GoI) that deal with energy data in the country. We suggest several improvements that can be undertaken by the agencies to address the identified gaps in a phased manner.