Distributed solar photovoltaics (PV) is expected to witness significant growth in India owing to increasing economic viability and a facilitating policy-regulatory framework in most states. Distributed Generation (DG) can provide various system benefits in terms of improved grid reliability and power quality, deferring grid in vestments, reduction in T&D losses, etc. However,since the distribution grid was not designed keeping in mind the potential high penetration of DG, there are valid technical concerns from utilities about power quality and the general impact of DG on the low-tension distribution grid.

To address these concerns, the report documents existing technical standards and practices both on the PV system side and on the distribution grid side based on a review of global and Indian policies and regulations. Further, the report outlines potential solutions and proposes a possible way forward for a structured and effective grid integration of distributed PV.

With this study, we hope to initiate a serious and objective discussion on the technical challenges and potential solutions of large scale distributed PV. A greater common understanding of the issues would help facilitate faster distributed PV deployment in India.