A robust regulatory framework is critical to the development of the renewable energy sector. This will be increasingly important going ahead, as India begins to integrate a significantly larger amount of renewable energy into its energy mix. Understanding the development of regulations, RE specific regulatory matters and litigation in the sector helps one understand trends and periodic issues that stakeholders in the sector face. Further, the intersection with the national and state level RE policies create peculiarities that could either serve as bottlenecks or aid the growth of the sector.

Gujarat being one of the states in India with a high RE energy mix, is a natural case study for such an exercise. This study aims at understanding the development of RE specific regulatory issues over the last decade (2010-2021) in Gujarat. It highlights important issues that have led to petitions at the state regulator. This report can serve as a useful aid to researchers, analysts, potential investors and to regulatory officials in the sector. The report is the second in a series of such reports (the first being the state of Maharashtra).