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State: Uttar Pradesh

The infographics, which consist of three dashboards, provide a quick and broad snapshot of major trends in the state. They cover power procurement, sales and revenue, and the financial status of distribution companies, including tariff revision. The infographics aim to provide the necessary context to better understand the articles on specific issues, covered in Power Perspectives. Click on the tabs below to explore the dashboards. By hovering over specific data representations and the notes button, further information about a data point or dashboard can be accessed.

The information used in the dashboards is from publicly available documents, mostly available as part of various regulatory processes. The sources for the information and the assumptions used while representing the data are clearly recorded in the notes tab for each dashboard. To understand the information better, interpretations should take into cognizance the source of the data and the type of information used (projections/actuals/ approved), which are also mentioned in the notes.

As the data is from multiple sources across years, data reconciliation was a challenge. All efforts have been made to document and analyse available information to capture broad observations and trends. In case of inadvertent errors or new information, please write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.