Maharashtra State Electircity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) submitted its Petition for final True up for FY 2010-11, Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) for FY 2011-12 & FY 2012-13 and Tariff determination for FY 2012-13. Pursuant to this, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) conducted Public hearing on this matter in Pune on 25th July 2012. Following is submission and presentation made by Prayas in this matter. The comments mainly deal with the important techno-economic and governance related issues.

Along with the tariff petition, the commission had also invited comments and suggestions regarding a draft Suo-motu order on stipulation of revised ceiling for levy of Fuel Adjustment Cost (FAC) by distribution licensees under regulation 82 of MERC (Terms and conditions of tariff) regulations, 2005. Our comments regarding the same are also attached herewith.