The Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI) is an effort by Prayas (Energy Group) launched in March 2015. ESMI provides evidence-based feedback about the quality of electricity (QoS) supply to end consumers. Specially designed IoT enabled voltage monitors have been deployed at over 400 consumer locations across India. The minutely data gathered from these monitors has developed a reliable database on supply interruptions and voltage levels. Since its inception, ESMI has recorded almost 10 million location hours of voltage data. Granular data about supply quality has helped several researchers, academicians, industry and policy makers in building a public discourse about electricity supply quality concerns in India. In this blog series, we discuss the initiative, insights from the data analysis, and the role ESMI has played in discourse building. 

The minute-wise voltage data collected through ESMI is available in the public domain on and the Harvard Dataverse.


About the initiative
Published in August 2021

This post explains the rationale behind the Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative, the initiative itself, and its significance.

How does ESMI work?
Published in August 2021

We talk about the details of how ESMI was developed, how it works, and a brief history of the initiative.

ESMI in Maharashtra
Published in August 2021

Insights from supply quality monitoring in the Indian state of Maharashtra are discussed in this post, and a few case stories.

ESMI in Uttar Pradesh
Published in August 2021

Insights from ESMI in the Indian state Uttar Pradesh, including some interesting stories about variations in QoS over the years.

ESMI Stories from other parts of India
Published in August 2021

We discuss the insights from ESMI across different locations from India in this post. We try to throw some light on the stark disparities in QoS across locations.

ESMI role in building a discourse on electricity supply quality
Published in August 2021

In this post we discuss how the insights and analysis of data from Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI) in India has helped in building a better understanding about supply quality concerns at consumer end.

Contributors: Shweta Kulkarni, Abhiram Sahasrabudhe, Aditya Chunekar, Shantanu Dixit

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Suggested Citation: Prayas (Energy Group), ‘Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI)’, blog-series on insights from monitoring quality of electricity supply at consumer locations in India under the ESMI, August 2021.