Monitoring and Analysis of Residential Electricity consumption (eMARC) is an initiative by Prayas (Energy Group) to provide insights on electricity consumption in Indian homes. Minute-wise data on  electricity consumption is being collected using smart meters from a sample of households and appliances under eMARC. In this blog series we present key observations based on the data collected from 115 households from January 2018 to June 2020. The households include urban households from Pune City and semi-urban and rural households from the districts of Pune, Aurangabad, Kanpur Rural, and Gonda.

Interactive dashboards based on the analysis of this data are available on the eMARC website.

The smart meter data collected under eMARC is available for download on the Harvard Dataverse

Posts in the blog series:

About eMARC
Published in July 2021

In this post, we discuss the rationale of eMARC initiative as well as its operational aspects viz. household sampling, installation and monitoring of meters, and data management.

Quality of Electricity Supply
Published in July 2021

Availability and quality of electricity supply has a large impact on electricity consumption by households. We discuss both these aspects of electricity supply in this post.

Electricity Consumption Patterns
Published in July 2021

We discuss the household electricity consumption patterns and their relationship with factors such as electricity supply quality, appliance ownership, household size and more in this blog post.

Electricity Load Patterns
Published in July 2021

In addition to how much electricity households use, we explore when the households use it, i.e. the load patterns with respect to factors such as seasons, time of day, and appliance ownership.

Individual Household Behaviour
Published in July 2021

This post closely examines the effects of quality of supply, appliance ownership, household size on electricity consumption for individual households across regions in the sample.

Refrigerator Electricity Consumption Patterns
Published in July 2021

Refrigerator is one of the most common kitchen appliances in the sample households, and accounts for a sizable portion of electricity consumption by households in many cases. We discuss the refrigerator loads, consumption, power factor and more in this post.

Temperature and Electricity Consumption Patterns
Published in July 2021

eMARC households are spread across regions in India, resulting in widely varied weather across seasons. In this post, we discuss the temperature-electricity consumption relationship and also focus on air-conditioner usage. 

Solar Rooftop Economics
Published in July 2021

In this post we discuss the impact of the different regulatory accounting mechanisms on the net present value (NPV) and the payback periods of installing a solar rooftop system using the eMARC load and consumption data of selected households.

Household electricity consumption during the COVID-19 lockdown
Published in June 2020

In this post, we analyse the minute-wise load and voltage data of 81 households located in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra from 4th March, 2020 to 5th May, 2020 to understand the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on their electricity consumption and quality of supply.

Response to Lights-off event of 5th April, 2020
Published in April 2020

In this post, we analyse the minute-wise load and voltage data of 210 households collected under our eMARC and ESMI initiatives on 5th April, 2020 to understand their response to the Lights-off event.